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Looking for a dance sheet for an Australian choreographed line dance? Don't want to trawl through 100s of choreographer websites? Bemoaning the demise of Dancin' Down Under? If you are looking for an older dance (pre 2009), try the archived copy of that site at If it's a newer dance, there's a good chance you can find it here on Aussie Dancesheets. You can search by dance, song or choreographer. Dances & songs beginning with a non-alphabetical character (eg: "@ the Hop") are indexed at the start of the "A" section.
Choreographers (and friends) are encouraged to submit their dances, preferably in either word or pdf format with a file size of no more than 100K. Sheets will then be added to this site, as is. To submit stepsheets, simply email the sheets to "" (David Powell). All sheets more recent than 2009 are welcome.

Note that this site is not optimised for viewing on smart phones.

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